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What are types of product defects?

Defective products can cause many health-related issues. They can injure consumers like you and in some cases, the injuries may even result in fatalities. Because of this, any form of defection should get treated with serious care. 

First, it is important to know what types of liabilities products can have. This may help you keep an eye out for potential issues with your own purchases. 

Design flaws

As Cornell Law School explains, products liability falls into different categories. The defects may either present themselves in the design of a product, in its manufacturing, or in its marketing. 

If the flaw rests in the design, this means there is no way to make the product safe. No matter how it gets manufactured or marketed, the initial design flaw will continue to exist and put others at risk. An example may include airbags with a dangerous design element. 

Manufacturing flaws

Manufacturing defects are the most common. This means the product design itself is fine, but something happens during the creation process that results in a batch of damaged goods. An example may include a batch of tires that are more prone to bursting. 

Marketing flaws

Marketing defects involve incorrect or misleading packaging, instructions or labels. For example, a coffee cup that forgets to warn users that the contents inside are hot. This can result in accidental, dangerous misuse of the product outside of its intended design. 

Any of these errors can result in dangerous or even life-threatening problems for consumers like you. This is also why many victims seek financial compensation if they end up injured as a result of a product defect.